Audio-Visual Competition Rules

  1. The annual AV competition is for a sequence of projected images with accompanying sound
  2. Members may choose the theme
  3. In keeping with the Club’s ethos of a ‘camera’ club, only still images may be used.
  4. The sequence can be either a traditional AV (with words or story and where a specific beginning, middle and ending is required) or along the lines of the new proposed RPS Photo Harmony category (where the emphasis is on matching a selection of images with appropriate transitions and harmonising them with the sound) (see
  5. The work must comply with the latest MCPF guide on Plagiarism (Plagiarism is the act of putting one’s own name to another person’s work and that can be writings, ideas or visual media)
  6. Where possible, members should use “non-copyright music”. If the music is not copyright free, it may be used for the purpose of this competition, but members should credit the musicians at the end of the sequence, and add “produced for Newport Photographic Club” or “in association with Newport Photographic Club” somewhere in the presentation
  7. The final sequence should be saved in a suitable format for display on the club laptop without the need for the installation of any special programs to run it. The preferred format is a ProShow exe file, but other “ready to run” formats are equally acceptable. If in doubt, please check with the Competition Secretary at least one week in advance. The sequence will be projected at 1024 x 768 pixels
  8. The sequence should consist of a running time of no greater than 4 minutes (timed from first music or first image/title appearing on screen, whichever is first, to last image/title/last music, whichever is last) and entries must be clearly marked with the duration
  9. The entrant’s name must not appear in the production
  10. Titles must be received by the Competition Secretary no later 10pm on the Friday evening before the competition. Files may be submitted on DVD, CD or USB memory stick on the competition night, but can be checked for correct operation if submitted a week in advance