2018-05 Results – Annual Projected Image and Mono Print

Annual PI

Entered byTitlePlace
Bob ColmanThe old workshop1
Howard BroadbentCatch of the day2
Bob BakerCold comfort3
Mike PaddenEarly morning Lyn Paddern4
Howard BroadbentGhosts5
Simon HughesUpturned collar6
Hugh StantonThe temptressHC
Stephen HaycockBadger cottageHC
Edward KosinskiHome to roostHC
Sarah Hollinshead-BlandPuffin pairC
Dennis WebsterMist on high ColwithC

Mono Print

Entered byTitlePlace
Janet RichardsonThree Malawian Boys with attitude1
Richard GreswellStrong winds at Ynys Llanddwynn2
Sarah Hollinshead-BlandThe Cloister3
Sarah Hollinshead-BlandIn my room4
Howard BroadbentMuseum of Liverpool5
Dave ClarkeHen Cloud from the roaches6
Stephen HaycockDark sky over ShropshireHC
Bob ColmanArtworkHC
Mick RichardsonReflections in Gloucester CatherderalC
Jas PardesiPrecision engineeringC

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