2018-04 Results – 3rd Themed ‘Windows’

Advanced Prints

Entered byTitlePlace
Trish SangsterA place for prayer1
Howard BroadbentThe Window Cleaners2
Fran HartshorneBishops and angels3
Fran HartshorneShinning through4
Jas PardesiAnxious5
Martin JamesEscaping back to Reality6
Richard GreswellIn the air-space of the ShardHC
Jas PardesiEagerly AwaitingC
Edward KosinskiFirst stop for best views in townC

Advanced PDI

Entered byTitlePlace
Fran HartshorneWindows Fanfare1
Amanda ElwellA Light Breeze2
Jim ShawPortal3
Dave ClarkeGetting Old is Just Pants4
Edward KosinskiThe boy with the red balloon5
Bob ColmanWindow seats6
Jas PardesiBricks and WaterHC
Hugh StantonThe Shuttered WindowHC
Edward KosinskiA window on 9-11C
Howard BroadbentLight on the MuseumC
Jim ShawAltar lightC
Fran HartshorneThe BikeC

Intermediate Prints

Entered byTitlePlace
Mick RichardsonOn the Jaffna Bus1
Anne SmithMediaeval Window2
Stephen HaycockSorry Should've Smiled3
Alan FowlerIndian Train Journey4
Janet RichardsonRear View Reflections5
Janet RichardsonIgnoring the window display6
Maria MacklinThe Round Window at Te-Papa MuseumHC
Mick RichardsonCafe LifeHC
Philip GreenThe ShardC

Intermediate PDI

Entered byTitlePlace
Maria MacklinWindow into the Mosque1
Philip GreenHerkenrode Windows Lichfield Cathedral2
Brian TrusloveThree Point One3
Mick RichardsonUnder Construction4
Alan FowlerItalian Washday5
Anne SmithWindows Everywhere6
Janet RichardsonTudor Glass WindowsHC
Janet RichardsonDirty WindowsHC
Allan WilsonWindows on lifeC

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