2018-03 Results – 3rd Open

Advanced Print

Entered byTitlePlace
Fran HartshorneHold Tight1
Richard GreswellDark seas2
Fran HartshorneCrowning Glory3
Mike NortonSharp Rocks4
Howard BroadbentThe Night Train5
Sarah Hollinshead-BlandThe Old Boats at Salen6
Amanda ElwellA Line In The SnowHC
Martin JamesLittle Moreton HallHC
Ron HopkinsFun in the WavesC

Advanced PDI

Entered byTitlePlace
Fran HartshorneRed Wings1
Edward KosinskiSunset over Manhattan2
Howard BroadbentGhosts3
Simon HughesLooking for Quarters4
Jim ShawSeason's End at Forres5
Richard GreswellReaching for the sky6
Hugh StantonLadies night at the clubHC
Trish SangsterShropshire field with pigsC
Bob BakerCold ComfortC

Intermediate Prints

Philip GreenFood for young Whitethroats1
Alan FowlerEasy does it!2
Janet RichardsonSand cruiser3
Stephen HaycockDark Sky Over Shropshire4
Maria MacklinVicenza Lanterns5
Anne SmithCastle in the Sky6
John PibworthWatch and LearnHC

Intermediate PDI

Entered byTitlePlace
Mike Padden'Ice' bow1
Philip GreenInquisitive Otter2
Maria MacklinGraffiti Walk3
Mick RichardsonFly Pass4
Janet RichardsonZebra5
Mick RichardsonSeat 2316
Jayne SmithRest a whileHC
John PibworthFight or FunC
Anne SmithSunrise in the ValleyC

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