2018-01 Results – Committee Competition ‘Nature’

Entered byTitlePlacePoints
Roger CravenOn the Farne Islandswinner15
Mick RichardsonNew life on the lavasarah14
Mike NortonIced Tree LeavesDave13
Rod BunyanGreat Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa)Yvette13
Roger CravenShag preening its chick13
Edward KosinskiElephant seals squaring up13
Mike PaddenLunch13
Mike PaddenMother and Baby13
Mike NortonHeavy Heads13
Roger CravenFemale Sparrowhawk at her supper13
Rod BunyanLittle Owl (Athene noctua)13
Mike PaddenDancing Heron13
Mike NortonFungi Parasols12
Edward KosinskiMining bee cleaning mouth parts12
Edward KosinskiWestern grey squirrel spreading its tail12
Sheila MorrisMidwinter Dawn11
Janet RichardsonSwimming in the shadows11
Jim ShawImmature Gannet practicing Landing11
Alan FowlerRhesus Macaque going thirsty11
Janet RichardsonDead Dry10
Rod BunyanOtter with Crab10
Mick RichardsonPytilia flock to the waterhole10
Stephen HaycockEristalis Rupium9
Alan FowlerIguana9
Philip GreenFood for young Whitethroat9
Dave ClarkePuffin Up!9
Janet RichardsonCrocodile on banks of Lake Manze9
Sheila MorrisOrange tip butterfly9
Dave ClarkeComing in to land8
Jim ShawScarce Swallowtail8
Brian TrusloveSnow Storm8
Sheila MorrisWoodland fungi8
Philip GreenInquisitive Otter8
Mick RichardsonDead leaves7
Maria MacklinLunchtime7
Colin MacklinA Family Affair7
Brian TrusloveAutumn Leaves6
Colin MacklinSulphur Crested Cockatoo6
Colin MacklinLeader of the AL(PACK)AS6
Brian TrusloveIce droplet6
Alan FowlerRanthambore Tiger Safari5
Bob WinfieldLeopard5
Dave ClarkeArctic Tern feeding young5
Maria MacklinContemplation4
Jim ShawHummingbird Hawkmoth4
Philip GreenReturning with a Good Catch4
Bob WinfieldCrossing the Track3
Bob WinfieldEnjoyed the water3

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